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Being sure and certain directions for discovering the 
Secrets of Futurity. 

The Art of t fortunes by Grounds of Tea or Gdftfc 

The .Science o'l foretelling Events by Cards. 
Telling Fortunes by Lines in the Hand. 
Directions to choose a Husband by the Hair. 
Concerning Children born on any Pay of the Week - 
Charms and Ceremonies. 

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London : W. S. FORTEY, Printer and Publisher, 3 cfc S» 
Monmouth Court, Bloomsbury, W.O. ^ 







Being sure and certain directions for discovering tht 

Secrets of Futurity. 


To pour out the Tea or Co fee Grounds.— Vout the grounds of 
tea or coffee into a \vhite cup, shake them well about in it so that 
their particles may cover the surface of the whole cup ; then re- 
verse it into the saucer, that all the superfluous parts may be 
drained, and the figures required for fortune->*>! ); "- L 'irmed. 
It is not to be expected, upon taking up thei >, ,hYt the igurei 
will be accurately represented ; Dut tne more . tV » t'-e f ~ tj shafc 
be of the person inspecting the cups, the more lie will "disco vet 
.n it. In this amusement each must himself be a judge undo* 
what drcumstanoes he is to make changes, in point oi tiaa 
•peaking just as it suite, in the peeneat, the past or the rutur*. 

¥Hk tFKIfBRSAft. 

The Roads, or superfine lines, indicate ways ; if they are co* 
rered with clouds and in the thick, they are marks of past or fu« 
ture reverses ; but if they appear clear or serene, they denots 
some fortunate change near at hand ; encompassed with many 
points or dots, they signify an accidental gain of money, likewise 
long life. 

The Ring signifies marriage ; if a letter near it, it denotes to 
the person that has their fortune told, the initial of the name oi 
the party to be married. If the ring is in the clear, it portends 
happy and lucrative friendship. Surrounded with clouds, denotes 
that, the party is to use precaution in the friendship he is about to 
contract, less they should be insidiously deceived : but it is most 
inauspicious if the ring appear at the bottom of the cup, as it fore-, 
bodes the entire separation from a beloved object. '* lj 

The Leaf of Clover is, as well here as in common life, a lucky 
sign ; its positions in the cup alone make the difference ; because 
if it is on the top, it shews that good fortune is not far distant.; , 
but it is subject to delay, if it is in the middle, or at the bottom 
Should clouds surround" it, many disagreeables will attend th« 
gnod fortune ; in the clear it prognosticates undisturbed happiness 

The Anchor, the emblem of hope and commerce, implies sue- 
>• infill business carried on by water and land, if on the bottom O; 
-lie cup ; at the top, and in a clear part, it snews constant lovjBjj 
and unshaken fidelity. In thick and clouded parts it also denoted' 
love, but tinctured with the inconstancy of the butterfly. 

The Serpent, always the emblem of falsehood and enmity, is [ 
here a general sign of an enemy. On the top or in the middle of j 
the Qup, it promises to the consulting party the triumph which ho 
desires over his enemy. » But he will not obtain it so easily if the • 
serpent be in the thick or cloudy r>art. By the letter which fre» \ 
quently appears near the emblem, the enemy may easily* be) 
guessed, as it marks the initial of his name. "■ i 

i The Letter.— r By letters we communicate to our friends either j 
pleasant or unpleasant news ; such is the case here : if this emblem' 
is Lin the cie&r part, it denotes the speedy arrival of welcome-rtews ; 
surrounded with dots, it announces the arrival of a considerable 
remittance in money ; bu$ hemmed in by <clouds, it is quite «the 
contrary, and forebodes some melancholy tidjngs. If Jt be in the 
clear, and accompanied by a heart, lovers may expect a letter 
which, secures to the party the possession of the beloved object 
Kiit in the thick it denotes a refusal. • ••;"» •»< *• 

,The Coffin, tne emoiem ?.or aeath, prognosticates' the r saw** 
thing here, or long illness if it be in the thick. In ttoe" clea*;-' H' 
*Wotes long life ; in the thick, at the top of the cup, ! it sigwrfefff 
* urmsinerable estate left- to the party by some rich relation*; -ill < 
<5he same manner, at the bottom* dt shews that the deceased is «tef 
*f> nearly related to the consulting .party,.- ' «»:♦•» V v 

t The Star, denotes ihappinesf^ -if -in-<the cl$ar„ : and at -the' top* o. 
<4ig «ip ; clouded, or in, the thick y it)Sig#ifi#s long lifevthaugfrexr 
posed to various trqubles f if ,.dpts are„about it, it foretells gi.s?aV 
i, honours, &c — Several stars denote so many good aqd 


which the 9prigs of sage are to be put, and tying a line across the 
room, on one side of the stool, each woman is to hang on it a clean 
shift, turned the wrong side outwards, then all are to sit down in 
a row, on the opposite side of the stool, n9 far distant as the room 
will admit, not speaking the whole time, whatever they see, and 
in a few minutes after twelve each one's future husband will take 
her sprig out of the rose water and sprinkle her shift with it. 

Another way to see a future Spouse in a dream. — The party 
inquiring must lie in a different county from that .n which she 
commonly resides, and on going to bed must knit the left garter 
about the ri^ht leg stocking, letting the other garter and stocking 
alone ; and as you rehearse the following verses, at every comma 
knit a knot, 

This knot I knit, to know the thing I know not yet, 
That I may see, the man that shall my husband be, 
How he goes, and what he wears, 
And what he does all days and years. 

Accordingly in a dream, he will appea* with the' insignia o£ jfti» 
trade or profession. 

To know if your present Sweetheart will many you. — Let t$ 7 
unmarried woman take the blade-bone of a shoulder of lanib,"an$ 
borrowing a pen-knife, (but be sure not to mention for whaj; ptir- 
Dose*) on going to bed stick the" knife rince through the boqe every 
night, for nine nights in different places, repeating every pigh£ 
while sticking the knife, these words : 

'Tis not this bone I mean to stick, ., ,. , 

But my lover's heart I mean to prick, -.., ,., ,., 
Wishing him neither rest or sljeep, .,..'., . 
•Till he comes to me to speak. \ „ \ 

Accfcwtlingiy at the end of the nine days, _or sKprily alt,er, Jie w^ 
asVfor something to put to a wound he wil] have. met, witn .during 
the feme you were charming him. ', '.,..„, .... .. 

- To know whethcr"a IVoYnan wilt have the Mm^e, wi$het$-;$i$P 
two lemon peels, wear them all day, one 'in, each packet; : v at. night 
nib the four posts'oftne bedstead with them,; if she .is to siieceejf. 
tire person^ will 1 appear ih his sleepy and 1 present £er with. a, coupl* •, 
of' lemons; if'nbt, there 'is h'ohope. ,....,,.. ',..?>< »»•< 

* ,s To knout Whether one shall "enjoy their Love, or .?<p^-rTake v th0 
atrmber of the' first letter '*bf your naines A the number o| the jtlan-Ofk. 
and of the 'day of the week; put a"4 these i, together.. and divbj». 
thenvbv 40 : if it be above it will come to .your mjncL,' and ..#■■ 
beloto to the contrary, be particular in nynding the number which. 
fcu^erSO. "« _ ' ' ''. '■ ,'.. , , „ h< .-,. , 

' J To "-know* whether a \ new-born Child shall #ve or die.-r-WrhA 
ctown the proper names of the father and mother and the day the 
child was born, and put to each letter its number as before, and 
to the total sum, being put together, add 25, and divide <bt 


whole by 7 : and then if it be even the child will die, but if odd 
it shall live. 

To know whether a person will be married,— Get a pease-pod, 
in which are nine peas, hang the same oVer the do6r, and take 
notice of the person who ' comes in, (who is not of the family 1 ,) 
and if he be a bachelor you will certainly be married within the 

On any Friday throughout the year take rosemary llowers, bay 
leaves, thyme, and sweet marjoram, of each a handful'; dry these 
and make them into fine powder ; then take a tea-tfpoonful of each 
sort, mix the whole together, then take twice the quanti-ty of 
barley llour, and xnix the whole into a cake, with the milk of a 
tpd Acow : this cake is not to be baked, but wrapped in clean 
writing paper; and-- laid sunder your head any Friday night. If 
the person dreams of music, she will shortly wed him site wishes ; 
if she dreams of fire, she will be crossed in love ; if of a church she 
will die single^ If any thing is written, or there is the least spot 
on the paper, %$iH not dd. ; . ■ t " 

Any unmarried woman fasting on Midsummer eve, and at mtd«- 
wight laying a clean cloth, nvitri t&ready 'cheese; andVfre, and sitting 
down as if going to eat, the street door being left open, the person 
*e^om she is.-jiffeeliwaiffl-fl t© inari»y wilhcomeinto the room, and 
^rink to her by bowing; and afterwards filling the glass will leave 
H «n the tabbs^ and, making another bow retire. «. 

^p know v)h$f Fortune ymr future Husband shall H«tw ~ Take 
•^walnut, a hazpl ni^t, and a nutmeg,' grate them togethei, and 
mix, them wit^ butter and sugaij and make them into small pills, 
of which exactly, ni#e taken on going to bed, and accord- 
ing to her dreams so' will be thfe"«titte^f f the 1 persori f, slie will marry. 
W a gentleman, of riches; if a clergyman, of white linen; if a 
jawyer, of darkne^j;, if»djesnKua,>of odd noises 2nd tumult ; if 
a soldier or sa$pjP,,o,f thunder and.lightniilgj if a -servant, of rain. 

To find out thejtwQ; first Jitters bfi a future Wife or Husbg'^l 
name. — Take a small jjtb|eran,ddtke' keycof i^ur?fr6nt street uwr, 
and having opened to Solomon's Song, chap viii. ver. 6 and 7. 
•da^e.Ahe, wards r$f $e key ^n [thysiei tuvft verses, lfct' the;h.yw'of the 
key be about an inch ( Of|| i)f^\^tw\y of .tKfe; 'J^ibl^ • tiifeu • shut' the 
book, and tie it round with your, gaift<£r,.':so.a3> the key, will ne'tf 
tgjggfc and. the p^i-sqpYwhojwlsbVsV.tu kthuw His., or lierV fixture hlis- 
bapd,'s or wife's signature,; rnajst sju'spkml thfe bible .by iputthig: the* 
middle, finger of the right' hrtr*l;,.u']<d£r. tHeSbow-oif'thtH lcey,-;#»o 
the other person in lik>?.^ar|rjej,. yn.ltherfothaE . spde'if 'the: bow. of 
khe'kev, who must-repeat the.tfcdl^iing weraete,: after ,tbfe s Ather 
pc^oy's, saying „ the alpha%J;^ or^'J&ttfer, ^05»ieaeh>,time lrepeattog 
tb^i,, ;i It; must ,jbe.. observed, ^aVwq hjeciloni tost'he 'fcersfln 'ttho 
rjg ea^s the v;ersea, before you b§gjp,^hjck >c6u Intend tekrvifiaafti 
^hejther tiie'.sire.or christian if^jmji #ndi !tarke care tO. Wld-.the; 
biUe .steady, and when you arrive ^Uk^afKpQ^ted^ktfeartfae book' 
*i!l turn round under your finger ; and that yoii will, find 4ob# 
l^ira letter , of yovr inten4e^'6 name:— &•% v^h-iVh »u .'• uX 


aaf>py children ; but surrounded by dashes, shew that your children 
will cause you grief and vexation. 

The Dog, at all times an emblem of fidelity or envy, has ako * 
two-fold meaning here. At the top, in the clear, it signifie 
faithful friends; but surrounded by clouds and dashes, it shew* 
those whom you take for your friends are not to be depended on; 
out if at the bottom of the cup, you have to dread the effects of 
envy or jealousy. 

The Lily, at the top or in the middle of the cup, signifies the 
consulting party has, or will have, a virtuous spouse; if at the 
oottom, the reverse. In the clear, it denotes a long and happy 
life : if clouded or in the thick, it portends very great trouble or 

The Cross, be there one' or more, generally predicts adversity. 
A9 its position varies, so do the circumstances. At the top, in 
the clear, it denotes the party's misfortune is near an end ; but if 
in the middle, or at the bottom, in the thick, the party must ex- 
pect many severe trials ; if with dots, either in clear or thick, it 
promises a speedy change of sorrow. 

The Ckmds, if more light than dark, you may expect a good 
result from your hopes ; but if black, you may give it up. Sur- 
rounded by dots, they imply success in all your undertakings. 

The Sun is an emblem of great luck and happiness, if in tbd 
clear ; but in the thick it denotes a great deal of sadness ; if sur- 
rounded by dots or dashes, an alteration will speedily take place. 

The Moon, if in the clear, denotes high honours ; if in the thick 
parts, sadness without great prejudice ; but if at the bottom of the 
cup fortune both by sea and land. 

Mountains. — If only one, it ini^ \sL3s the favour of people of 
high rank ; but several of them, hr ' ,<e thick, are signs of powerful 
enemies ; in the clear, the contrary ■ 

Trees. — One tree only, be u -he clear or thick part, points 
out lasting good health ; several t,rees denote your wish will be 
accomplished ; if they are encompassed with dashes, your fortune 
is in its blossom, and requires time td bring it to maturity. If 
accompanied by dots, you will make your fortune in the country 
where you reside. 

The Child, in the clear part, bespeaks of some innocent inter- 
course with another person ; iri the thick part, success in love 
matters, attended with great expense ; at the bottom of the cup it 
denotes the eonsequences'of libidinous amours. 

The Woman signifies much joy in general ; if in the clear more 
favourable, there it sh^ws very great happiness; in the thick a 
great deal of jealousy. If dots surround the image, it explains 
the lady's fertility or wealth. The different positions in the cuj» 
shew, at the top and in the middle, that you will 'be- in love with 
h virgin : but at the bottom with a widow". ■ •' 

The Pedisttidh * denotes in general a merchant, good business, 
pleasant news, and recovery of lost things; also that the bonstilt- 
mg party will soon enlist, or get some engagement. ' '' '•' ■ i 

The Rider denotes good news from abroad, in money matter!, 

, x: , TOT UKlYftUAL 

% gooff situation in a foreign country, or good pretpecta. WTio 

ioubts his fortune is promised a lasting one by this emblem. 

The Mouse, living by stealth, is here an emblem of theft or 
robbery ; if it be in the clear, it shews that you will get again in 
wonderful manner what you have lost ; but if in the thick you 
may renounce that hope. 

The Rod shews difference with relations about legacies ; in the 
thick, illness. 

Flowers.— If the party be married, he may expect good chil- 
dren, who will be a blessing to him in his old age. 

The Heart, if in the clear, signifies future pleasure ; it promises 
recovery of money, if surrounded by dots. If a ring, or two hearts, 
the party is about to be married or betrothed ; if a letter be per- 
ceptible near it, it shews the initial of the person's name ; if the 
■otter be in the clear, the party is a virgin; if in the thick a widow 
The Garden, or Wood, signifies a large company. In the clear 
it indicates good friends of which it will consist; in the thick, or 
encompassed with streaks, it warns the consulting party to be 
cautious, and not to take for his friends those who merely "profess 
themselves such. 

The Bird, if in the clear, signifies that you will have to combat 
with troubles, but of short duration; in 'the thick, good Jiving, 
»nd a speedy successful voyage or journey, and to a great distance 
If there are dashes. 

Fish imply lucky events by water if in the clear ; if in the 
*' * *- *■' -'-*■- • .—■ *" ii-». •_ i-„..i i_ i , i , 

which others have already lost before him. Surrounded *by dots, 
his destiny calls him to some distant place. 

Tfie Lion, or any other ferocious beast., at the top, in the clear 
signifies prosperity ; at the bottom, it warns you of" persons who 
envy your fortune. 

The Green Bush shews the benevolence of your patrons, and 
gives you hopes of the honours you wish for ; without foliage, is a 
token of the caprices of fortune ; in the clear it announces an un- 
expected remittance of money. 

Worms, at the top or in the middle of the cup, denote good luck 
at play, and in matrimony; below it warns you against rivah? in 
your courtship, and enviers in your trade. 

The House indicates, at the top of the cup, success in you* 
enterprises, and that your situation will soon be better ; if in the 
middle, or below, it cautions you to be vigilant over your servants. 

The Scythe, if combined with an hour glass, at the top denotes 
tnminent dangers ; below, a long and happy life. 


To see a future Husband. — On Midsummer eve, just at sunoet. 
three, five, or seven young women are to go into a garden, in 
which thore is no other person, and each gather a sprig of red 
sage, and then going into a room by themselves, set a stool in the 
middle of the room, and on it a clean baaon full of rose water, • 


Knave, is your dearest friend, though probably not according to 
your fancy, as he will be industrious to prevent your schemes. 

Tbn, shews good nature and many children, it corrects the bad 
tidings of the other cards. 

Nine, promises great wealth and high esteem, if the cards are 
not unfavourable that stand near it. 

Eight, points out a strong inclination to get intoxicated. 

Seven, shews the person to be of a fickle disposition, and ad- 
dicted to vice. 

Six, shews a generous disposition. 

Five, shews a wavering disposition. 

fouR, the person will not be married early. 
bay, will experience much ill-will of others. 

I>euce, shews that success will attend the person. 

AcE or Stadks, totally relates to the affairs of love, witnoui 
specifying whether lawful or unlawful. 

King, shews a man who is ambitious, and certainly successful at 
court, or with some great man. 

Qw een, shews a person will be corrupted by the great of both 

Knave, shews a person who although he has your welfare at 
heart, will be indolent of it. 

Ten, is a card of bad import, it will in a great measure counter- 
act the good of the others. 

Nine, is the worst card in the whole pack, it portends danger- 
ous sickness and loss of fortune. 

Ei^ht, shews that you will experience strong opposition from 
your Mends in love. 

Seven, shews the loss of a most \ aluable friend. 

Six, announces the mediocrity of fortune, and a great uncer- 
tainty in your undertakings. 

Five, will give very little interruption to your success ; h pro- 
mises good luck in a wife. 

Four, shews speedy sickness, and that your friends will injure 
your fortune. 

Tray, shews that you will be unfortunate in marriage 

BevcE, always signifies a coffin. 

Telling Fortunes by Lines in the Hand. 

Observe always to choose the left hand, because the heart and 
•rain have more influence over it than the right hand ; and ob- 
serve further, it is better to examine these lines wjhen the body is 
mi good health, for then they appear full. 

By this the reader will see that one of the lines, and which in- 
deed is reckoned the principal, is called the line of life ; this line 
encloses the thumb, separating it from the hollow of the hand. 
The next to it, which is called the natural line, takes its beginning 
from the rising of the middle finger. The table line, commonly 
called the line of fortune, begins under the little fingor, and end* 
oear the foae-fiager. The girdle of Venus, is another Jtne so called, 


Degins near the joint of the fore-finger, and ends in the mWdle fin, 
ger. The line of death is a counter line to the line ef lite, andig 
by some called sister line. There are also lines in the fleshy parts, 
as in the ball of the thumb, which is called the mount of Venus 
which are each governed by the several planets, and the hollow or 
the hand is called the place of Mars. 

If the lines which are in the middle of the hand, and are 
called the table lines, are broad and fair, without being broken, 
it is a sure sign the party will lead a happy and a eomtortablfi 

Jf the line from the wrist goes straight up to the little finger, 
t is a better sign than if broken, for then it denotes thd party 
will live to a good old age ; but on the contrary, should the line 
want continuity, they are in clanger of sudden death. . 

If the line of life, which is that which runs from the wrist by 
the ball of the thumb, and ends under the fore-finger, is cUor, and 
ends without breaks, it denotes possession, prosperity, and happy 
m'd age. Round lines, like semi-circles, on the inside of she tips 
of the fingers, promise houses, land, and inheritance. An many 
lines or crosses as a woman has in her wrist, so many chik-tien she 
moy expect to have. 

If the middle, or table lines, in the hand, are very narrow and 
coirtracted, it is a sign of poverty, and crosses in the world. If a 
crooked line goes through the table line, it is a sign of death by 
accident or violence, hut if it runs straight and even through, ibis 
a good sign. 

Directions to choose a husband by the hair. 

Black.— Stout and healthy, but apt to be cross and surly; if 
very black and smooth, and a large quantity, will be fond of where 
he fixes his attachment, not addicted to lewdness, make a good 
husband and take care of his family ; but if short and curly, be of 
an unsettled temper, given to drinking, somewhat quarrfelsome, 
will shew much fondness at first paying his addresses, but he u»- 
steady and forgetful afterwards. 

White or Fair Hair.— Will be of weak constitution, rather 
stupid, very fond of music, will cut no great figure in the world, 
very moderate in his amorous wishes, but will get many children. 

Yellow. — Inclinable to jealousy. 

Light Brown.— Neither very good nor very bad, middling in all 
respects, rather given to women, but upon the whole a good 

Dark Br own.— Sensible and good humored, careful and attentive 
V) husiness, generally makes a good husband. 

Very Dark Brown. — Of a robust constitution, and of a grave 
lisposition, but good tempered and sensible, verv fond of his wife, 
though he may chance now and then to go astray. 

Red.— Will be artful, cunning, deceitful, and much given to 
wenching ; loves a smock so well that his wife will scarce h*x« 
9Be to her back ; but is generally oi> lively temper 


Solomon s Songs, chap. viii. ver. 6 and 7.—" Set me as a sea. 
upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm ; for love is strong as 
death, jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of 
fire, which hath a most vehement flame." 

" Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown 
t : if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it 
would utterly he contemned/' 

Another way to knoio if your present Sweetheart will marry 
you.— On any Friday morning, fasting, write the name of three 
persons you like best, and also death, on four pieces of paper ex- 
actly alike, and folding them up, wear them ; n your bosom all 
day, and at n.ght shake them up in the shoe you 4ore on the left 
foot, going to bed backwards ; take out one with your left hand 
and the other with your right, throw three of them out of youi 
shoe, and in the morning, whichever name is left in your shoe is 
the name of the person you will marry; but if death is left, you 
will not have either of them. This is to be done three Friday 

To see a future spouse in a dream by charming the moon.— 
At the first appearance of the new moon,' immediately after the 
new year's day, go out in the evening, and standing over the spars 
of a gate or stile, and looking on the moon, repeat the following 
lines : — 

All hail to thee, moon, all hail to thee, 
I Dr'ythee, good moon, reveal to me, 
This night, wno my nusuana snail be. 

The party will then dream of her future husband. 

To discover a theft by the Sieve and Shears.— Stick the points of 
the shears in the wood of the sieve, and, two persons support it, 
balanced upright with their two fingers, then read a certain chap, 
ter in the Bible, and afterwards ask St. Peter and St. Paul if A. or 
B. is the thief, naming all the persons you suspect. On naming 
the real thief the sieve will suddenly turn about.. 

The Science of foretelling Events by Cards. 

Observe the following directions in laying them out : first, the 
person whose fortune is to be told, if a man, must choose one or 
the four kings to represent himself ; if a woman, she must select 
one of the queens; then the queen of the chosen kingy or the kiiig 
of the chosen queen, will stand for husband or wife, mistress or 
lover of the party whose fortune is to betcld, and the knave of the 
suit for the most intimate person of their family; you mustthen 
•shuffle and cut the cards, and let the persons whose fortune, is to 
be ascertained, cut them three times, shewing the bottom card r 
this must be thrice repeated ; then shuffle them a-iain, let themi/ 
cut once,and display them in rows on the table taking care alwa'J 
to have an odd number in each row, nine is the right number, aril 
to rl^e your cards exactly under each other; after this, consult 
i&s fe*fcson la wMeh the person stands, by /be definition I have 


aere annexed to each card ; and after having repeated It three 
times, form your conclusions ; every thing is within your circle 
as far as you can count thirteen any way from the card that repre- 
sents the person, his wife, or her husband : and their intimate 
friend ; and also, that the thirteenth card every way, is of the 
wentest oonsequence ; either the whole pack, or only the picqaet 
cards may be used. 

Ace of Clubs, promises great wealth. 

Kino, announces a man who is humane, upright, affectionate, 
and faithful 

Queen, shews an amorous person. 

Knave, shews a generous friend. 

J^ine, shews that you will displease a friend. 

Eight, shews the person is covetous. 

Seven, promises the most brilliant fortune. 

Six, shews that you will engage in a very lucrative partnership, 
«d your children will behave well. 

Five, declares that you will shortly be married to some person 
'ho will mend your circumstances. 

Four, shews incontinence for the sake of money, and frequeaf 
^hange of object. 

Tray, shews that you will be Jhree times married, and each 
time to a wealthy person. 

Detce, shews that there will be some unfortunate opposition to 
our favourite inclination. 

Ace oe Diamonds, shews a person who is fond of rural sports, 
and a great builder. 

Kino, shews a fiery temper. 

Queen, signifies that a woman will not be steady and indus 

Knave, however nearly related, will look more after his owl 
-nterest than your's. 

Ten, promises a country husband or wife, with great wealth and 
t&any childi-en. 

ffiNE, declares that the person will be of a roving disposition. 

Eight, shews that the person runs the risk of dying unmarried. 

■&IVEN, shews that you will spend your happiest days in the 

Six, shews an early marriage and widowhood. 

Five, shews you a well-assorted maririage, and that you wiU 
lave good children. 

Four, shews the incontinence of the pel-son you will be mar 
r)ed to. 

Tray, shews that you will be engaged in law-suits and donrastic 

Deuce, shews that youi heart will be engaged in love at an 
early period. 

Ace of Hearts, signifies merry making and good humour. 

King, shews a man of fair complexion, good disposition, but 
inclined to passion. 

Queen, shews a woman of a very fai/ complexion, and t great 



Concerning Children born on any Day of the Week. 

Sunday.— The child born on a Sunday will obtain great riches and 
fc« long-lived and happy. 

Monday. — Not very successful, irresolute, subject to be imposed 
onj good natured, willing' to do every thing in his power. 

Tuesday. — The person born will be subject to violent starts of 
passions, and not easily reconciled ; if a man, given to illicit con- 
nections, from which many misfortunes will arise, and he will be 
in danger of dying by violence if he does not put a constraint upon 
his inclinations. 

Wednesday. — He will be given to study, and excel in literature. 

Thursday. — The child born will attain great riches and honour 

Eridtty. — The child will be of a strong constitution and amorous. 

Saturday. — Is an unlucky day, but the child may come to good, 
though they are in general of an evil disposition. 


'ihe palms of the hands contain a great variety of lines running 
in different directions, every one of which bears a certain relation 
to tno events of a person's life : and from them, with the most 
infallible certainty, can be told every circumstance that wiU 
appen to any one, by observing them properly. It is therefore, 
recommended to pay a strict attention to this subject, as by that 
means you will undoubtedly gain very excellent knowledge for 
your pains. 

g (And first is given the names of the several lines as they hold 
their pUces, and then particularize their qualities. 
Ther: are five principal lines in the hand, via, 

The Line of Life. 
The Line of Death. 
The Table Line. 
The Girdle of Venus. 
The Line of Fortune. 

And besides these are other Lines, as the Line of Saturn, the Liver 
Line, and some others, but these only serve to explain the princi- 
pal Lines. 

The chief Line on which persons of the profession lay the great- 
est stress, is the Line of Life, which generally takes its rise where 
the thumb joint plays with the wrist on the insiae ; ana runs w 
an oblique direction to the inside of the innermost joint of the 

The next is the Line of Death, which separates the fleshy part 
of the hand on the little finger side, from the hollow of the hand, 
running in various directions in different people. 

The Table Line originates with the Line of Life at the wrist, 
and runs through the hollow of the hand towards the middta 


The Girdle of Venns takes its course from the' extremity of the 
innermost joint of the little finger and forming a curve, termi- 
nates between the fore and middle fingers. 

The Line of Fortune strikes from behind the ball, or mount of 
the fore finger, across the palm and Line of Life, and loses itself 
in or near the fleshy part of the hand, on the little finger side*. 

If the Line of Life is crossed by other lines' at or near the rfris*, 
the person will meet with sickness in the beginning of life, and the 
degree of sickness will be proportioned- to : the sfoe, 'lengthy and 
breadth, of the intervening lines. If the Line Of Life runs far 
and uninterrupted, the person will enjoy good health ; and ao 
cording to its length towards the outside of the fore-finger, you 
may judge if the person will live long, as the longer the line the 
longer the life. 

If the Line of Death is short, and runs even, without being 
broken or divided, it shews that the person will enjoy a good 
length of days, and not be subject to many maladies, but if it is 
interrupted, it evidently shews that the person's life will be en- 
dangered by illness. If this line ends abruptly, ami with a broad 
point, it shews that the person will die suddenly ; if it goes off 
in a tapering point, the last illness will be slow, and consuming 
by degrees. If other lines run across it, the person will be of a 
weakly and infirm habit of body, often incapable of following any 
hnrd or laborious business. 

The Line of Fortune, by its approach to the Girdle of Venus, 
iihews that there is a strong kindred between them, and their dis- 
tance, at their two extremities, clearly points out that love is in- 
consistent with childhood and old age ; yet, in those where the 
cross lines approach from the one to the other near their ends, 
prove that the person were, or will be, susceptible of love in child- 
hood or old age. For example, if the cross lines are at the be- 
ginning of the Girdle of Venus, and bear towards the tail of the 
Line of Fortune, it evidently indicates that the person was sus- 
ceptible of love at an earlier period than usual ; if these lines 01 
communication are crossed by other small lines, the person has 
been disappointed in his wishes, or severely punished for gratify 
ing them ; if plain and straight, that he has been successful 
if the hues take their rise from the tail of the Girdle, and lea4 
towards the head of the Line of Fortune, the person will Ui 
amorous in his old age, and according to the situation of thj 
transverse lines, will be successful or unfortunate in his amours, 
if the Line of Fortune runs smooth, broad, and clear, the person 
•k\\\ »njoy affluence through life, and be prosperous in all his un- 
ie-r takings. 


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